Listen Your Way To A Better Business!

Welcome to IBGR,

The World’s #1 Business Talk,

News, and Strategy

Radio Network

Listen Your Way To A Better Business!

Welcome to IBGR,

The World’s #1 Business Talk,

News, and Strategy

Radio Network

Serving Businesses & Business Owners



Get personalized mentorship and actionable strategies specifically tailored to your unique needs. Discover how to navigate challenges, optimize your time management, and unlock innovative approaches to scale your one-person operation into a thriving enterprise.

Small Business Owners

Uncover invaluable insights on navigating challenges, mastering time management, and unlocking innovative growth approaches that can transform your small business into a thriving enterprise. Tune in, learn, and watch your business reach new heights!

Legacy Entrepreneurs

Gain personalized guidance and actionable strategies tailored to your exit goals. Learn how to navigate the complexities of selling or passing on your business, optimize its value, and ensure a smooth transition. Tune in, learn, and secure the future you envision for your business legacy.


Here's How Our Business Talk Radio Can Help Your Business

  • Business Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Industry Insights
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Customer Engagement
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Employee Development
  • Financial Education
  • Inspiration and Motivation

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Meet A Few Of Our Hosts

Business Podcasting Made Easy

This is your roadmap for how to become a unique expert, authority, or influencer in your field, fast. From there, you can create instant credibility with a high-quality book (that you’ve essentially just written, thanks to the podcast). We call it the Influencers Formula and you’ll call it your new best friend.

Raj Kapur

The Millionaire Path For Coaches & Consultants

Jeremy Gray

Practical Solutions To Difficult Problems

Kasfia Rashid

Money Matters with Kash The Bookkeeper

William Eastman

Recession Proof Your Cash Flow in 13 Weeks

Patti Lawrence

TurboCharge Your Business

William Eastman

How To Start A Consulting Firm (From Someone Who's Built 3)

RJ Lewis

OPS for Owners: Operations From The Owners Perspective

Joern "Joe" Menninger

Redefining The Rules

William Eastman

Building Startup Operations with William Eastman

Ellen McIlhenney

The Smart & Savvy Exit with CFO Ellen McIlhenny

Steve Sweeney

Referral Talk with The Referral Guy.

Clancy Clark

Beyond The Method Selling By Serving.

Donna & Declan

The TV Talk Show Formula.

Sarita Johan

Build Your Core with SJ Coaching.

Donna Kunde

Timeless Wisdom of Think & Grow Rich.

Brandon Souba

Success Can Be Fun - With Focus

Crystal Y. Davis

Your Corporate Confidant

Ravin S. Papiah

Building You To Build Your Business

Glenda Thompson

The Get Your Noticed! Show

Coach Bill Marshall

Unveling The Entrepreneurial Path

Jason "Wally" Waldron

Exitology: Unlock Your Profits, Unlock Your Potential

Monique McDonald

The Magnetic Voice Show: Voices That Vibrate The World

Survival Mode

Startup Strategies to Launch Your Business Successfully

Wayne Carroll

Leveraging Inspirations. The Inspired Patent Podcast

Gayle Turner

Stories Matter! with cohost Shelli Jost Brady


What is business talk radio?

Business talk radio is a genre of radio programming that focuses on topics related to business, finance, entrepreneurship, and industry-specific discussions.

How can I listen to IBGR business talk radio?

You can listen to IBGR business talk radio programming through online streaming services, mobile apps, or by subscribing to podcasts of specific shows.

What kind of content is typically featured on business talk radio?

IBGR business talk radio content often includes discussions on market trends, financial advice, entrepreneurship, leadership strategies, industry-specific news, and interviews with business experts.

Are these shows live or pre-recorded?

IBGR business talk radio shows can be both live and pre-recorded, depending on the host and the specific show. Some shows allow for live call-ins and audience interaction.

Are there different types of business talk radio shows?

Yes, IBGR business talk radio includes a variety of shows, such as news analysis programs, interview-based shows, call-in advice programs, and industry-specific discussions.

Can business owners or experts participate in these shows?

Yes, many business talk radio programs invite business owners, experts, and industry leaders as guests or contributors to share their insights and expertise.

Is business talk radio only for large businesses?

No, IBGR business talk radio caters to businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs and small business owners to large corporations. The content is often tailored to suit various business needs.

Are there costs associated with listening to business talk radio?

Most of IBGR's business talk radio hosts offer free listening options, but some premium content or services may require a subscription or fee.

How can business owners benefit from listening to business talk radio?

Business owners can benefit by gaining valuable insights, staying informed about industry trends, learning from experts, networking opportunities, and finding inspiration for their businesses.

Can I advertise my business on business talk radio?

IBGR offers advertising and sponsorship opportunities for businesses looking to reach their target audience. The cost and availability vary depending on the market segment and show.

Why is this the only radio you'll ever need to listen to?

Our programming is a game-changer, offering an immersive, course-like experience without any pitch fests – just pure, actionable insights. Say goodbye to expensive coaches and consultants and hello to a wealth of knowledge from industry experts. This station is your 24/7 mentor, your ticket to staying ahead of the curve, and your key to unlocking unparalleled value. Join us today and revolutionize the way you learn, grow, and succeed in the business world!

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